KNX/IP router REG-K

SKU: MTN680329

The KNX/IP router enables telegrams to be forwarded
between different lines via LAN (IP) as a
rapid backbone. The device can additionally serve
as a programming interface in order to connect a
PC with the KNX bus (e.g. for ETS programming
with suitable ETS).

The IP address can be assigned dynamically via a
DHCP server or via manual configuration (ETS
parameter). The device operates in accordance
with the KNXnet/IP specification using Core,
device management, tunnelling and routing.
The KNX/IP router forwards telegrams in both
directions whilst taking a filter table into account
and can buffer up to 150 telegrams.
For installation on DIN rails EN 50022. The bus is
connected using a bus connecting terminal; a data
rail is not necessary.

Supply voltage: DC 12-30 V (at DC 24 V 40 mA),
AC 12-24 V
Device width: 2 TE = approx. 36 mm
- In KNX, to be completed with: Power supply REG, DC 24 V/0.4 A,
art. no. 693003. Also alternatively Power over Ethernet (PoE).
- Contents: With bus connecting terminal.
Availability: Available April 2007

Price: 725,37€